Risk Insurance

Risk insurance policies are financial products that will pay the policy holder if the ‘insured event’ – such as becoming unwell and being unable to work – happens.

Insured events include illnesses, injuries and premature death of the insured person.

Risk insurances insure your health, which is your most important financial asset.

That is why risk insurances play an important role in any financial planning. Insuring yourself against a loss of income allows you to secure that life for you and your loved ones goes on, even if an unwanted event occurs. 

    • We provide complete range of risk insurance services: death cover, total and permanent disability (TPD), income protection and trauma cover. We help you calculate the type and amount of each cover that you need, as well as discuss other ways to protect yourself against financial loss.
    • We show you how to minimise the premiums, especially after-tax, without unnecessarily compromising the quality of the policy or the level of cover that you acquire.
    • If your cash flow is tight, we will assist you to find insurance inside super, so you can face the unknown future with certainty.


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