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Your financial wellbeing is our utmost priority.

Capital Wealth Finance is a boutique financial brokerage and planning firm established since 2000 to work for you only, not for the banks. We take pride in providing quality financial advice that focusses on our clients’ best interests. This statement has stood the test of time as we are currently servicing the 2nd generations – the children from the 1st clients and soon, the 3rd generations. We provide a full range of financial loan products from residential home loans to commercial and development loans. We also provide insurance and risk management and legal services to our clients. Through our network of professionals, we help clients in their retirement and estate planning hence resolving a wide range of financial issues. These include strategic selection of mortgages, structure the loan so you can own your house faster, property investments options to grow your wealth, and implementing insurance strategy to protect your hard-earned assets.


At Capital Wealth Finance, we offer a full range of wholesale and main stream financial products ranging from home loans to various investment options which allow you to invest and grow your wealth. We are Your Wealth Creation Partner providing holistic financial service to help you achieve your identified goals in timely manner. Call Capital Wealth Finance today to book for a free 30 min financial review so you can face the uncertain future with confidence.

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We offer a full range of wholesale and specialized finance brokerage and have the expertise to structure the right loan type for you. Thus allowing you to expand your investment plans faster. As getting the wrong loan can significantly hinder your wealth creation process, we have saved you time and effort by researching, comparing and analyzing these loan types so you can make an informed decision at no cost to you. In additional, we review our customer’s loans every 12-18 months, vital in situations change and uncertain environments which we are in now.

Risk Insurance

Risk insurance policies are financial products that will pay the policy holder if the ‘insured event’ – such as becoming unwell and being unable to work – happens. Insured events include things like temporary illness, permanent illness, temporary injury, permanent injury, or the premature death of the insured person. Risk insurances insure your good health, which is actually your most important financial asset. That is why risk insurances are almost always the essential first step in any financial plan. Insuring yourself against a loss of income or earning ability allows you to ensure that life for you and your loved ones goes on with the quality you want, even if something unwanted happens.


We think property is probably the most important part of your wealth management strategy. This is because it is hard to become financially secure without owning at least one property. If you can own more than one, things get even better. We advise on all forms of property: residential homes, investment properties and commercial properties. And we don’t just advise on your own property, either. We often find ourselves showing clients the best way to help their adult kids buy homes. We always start with your family home. We do this because the family home occupies a special place for most Australians. Our home ownership rates are amongst the highest in the world.


As the name suggests, a self-managed super fund is one that the members manage for their own benefit.Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are one of the most popular ways for Australians to hold their super benefits. SMSFs allow for maximum control over super benefits, which in turn means that super benefits are managed in ways that complement all other elements of a financial plan. This includes, of course, your estate planning (super benefits are not generally subject to your will and therefore you need to make specific arrangements for the posthumous management of super benefits).

Why Choose Us


We Save You Money

Besides getting a competitive mortgage rate for you to enjoy, we also offer investment strategies to minimise your tax, helping you create wealth so you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle during retirement


We Provide Expert Advice

We empowered you with knowledge so you can make quality decisions with your investments. We simplify complex financial terms and guide you through the investment arena to achieve your financial goals


We Tailor To Your Needs

We are your personal GPS giving you quality financial guidance and expertise as we choose the perfect type of loan within our broad variety of financial products every time so you can attain financial freedom

Our Success Stories


No presales

  • It is awesome feeling to securing a $3.2 M commercial development loan for client with no presales - saving thousands in CGT for him. So long your rental income can service the debts, no tax return or income verification needed!


Low valuation

  • Client is told to refinance or bring cash of $1million to reduce the Loan value ratio (LVR) to acceptable credit level. This was due to low valuation and bank is not able to secure initial lending after their commercial loan review is ......

Cross Collateralised

Given lender too much power

  • The client owns four properties and one of them is a commercial property. However, all properties are cross collateralized to one lender. Due to economy downturn, the commercial proeprty has not been tenanted and the loan term ......

Development Funding

Funding difficulty & credit file issue

  • A developer client owes tax debts to Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and no bank is willing to lend to it. However, we are able to refinance the project invested by the client, which solves their funding difficulties and repaid ......

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Huge saving from lower interest

  • We have helped our elderly customers, from high interest rate of 5% to low interest rate of 3.09%, saving customers thousands dollars per year. At the same time, it also helps customers buy another inexpensive and good-quality property.

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