We know that property is probably the most important part of your wealth creation strategy.

This is because it is hard to attain financially freedom without growing assets like properties. 

We provide financial advice on how to structure your purchase, the entity type (SMSF, Company, Trust) to hold the asset class and its tax implications.

We help in locating under value property from residential, industrial retail to commercial properties so you can make money at purchase independent of the economy situations. 

We always start with your family home. We do this because the family home occupies a special place for most Australians. Our home ownership rates are amongst the highest in the world.

Residential property also occupies a special spot in Australian investment history. It is historically the highest earning asset class, with an average annual return of over 8% compounding in the 10 years to 31 December 2015, and 10.5% per annum in the 20 years to the same date (source: ASX Annual Investment Report June 2016).

Homes account for around 43% of all household wealth in Australia. Importantly, they give you a place to live as well. When you consider the impact of investment properties as well, you find that being wealthy is really a matter of owning property.

This is why property plays a significant part in your wealth creation strategy. You need to decide what to buy, under whose name to buy and how much to borrow, and have the ability to repay the debt to make property investment work for you.

Your wealth creation journey begins with property. We will help you to achieve your financial goal in a timely manner.