Finance and Mortgage Services

We offer a full range of wholesale and specialized finance brokerage and have the expertise to structure the right loan type for you. Thus allowing you to expand your investment plans faster. As getting the wrong loan can significantly hinder your wealth creation process, we have saved you time and effort by researching, comparing and analyzing these loan types so you can make an informed decision at no cost to you. In additional, we review our customer’s loans every 12-18 months, vital in situations change and uncertain environments which we are in now.




The different loan types are:

Residential LoansCommercial Loans:Business Loans:
Home LoanDevelopment LoanVehicle Loan
Investment LoanBusiness LoanPersonal Loan
Equity ReleaseFranchise FundingOffice Equipment Loan
Debt Consolidation LoanManagement Right LoanManufacturer Equipment
Land LoanDebtor FinanceChattel Mortgage
Construction LoanPrivate FunderHire Purchases
Low Doc LoanEquity Partner LoanDebtor Finance
Non Conforming Loan