6 Ways you can do to sleep well in the midst of interest rate hike


We cannot control the inflation figure and rate hike but we can take control of your financial situation by doing the following ways.

1. Build a buffer
Now RBA cash rate is at 1.35% and the prediction is it can increase to 3.35% by November. We can build up a buffer by putting extra money into an offset account, redraw facility, or savings account.

2. Reduce Expenses
By looking through your credit card and saving statement to see the regular debit that you may not need such as Disney, take away coffee, Uber Eats – cut them off.

3. Plant a herb garden
Not only you save on vegetable costs but you will eat more healthily plus it is a good form of exercise for you and your mind. Get active and put all the goodness into your body and pocket.

4. Debt consolidation
Consolidating multiple loans like credit card debts or personal loans into your mortgage can reduce your monthly expenses to create saving for rainy days.

5. Negotiate with the current lender or seek refinancing options
This can get the mortgage term expanded to reduce your monthly repayments. This exercise can save on rate plus possibly get a cash rebate to put between $3k-$7K into your pocket vs the bank.

6. Book Complimentary Review with us
We are here for you so you can sleep well despite the rate hikes, and the high cost of living you are facing right now.

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