7 Tips to improve your financial wellness


7 Tips to improve your financial wellness

  1. Take action – increase your financial literacy , use reliable sources of information to clue up on key financial drivers, such as superannuation, debt and cash flow management, insurance and investment principles
  2. Set goals & take actions – this helps you stay motivated and engaged with our finances
  3. Create a budget – this help you identify where there’s room for improvement
  4. Consider consolidate high interest debts into one – this makes debt manageable, and can reduce fees and interest
  5. Set emergency cash – this provide peace of mind, reduces the need to borrow at high interest rates if things go wrong
  6. Seek financial advice – if you are struggling to make repayments, you can seek assistance from your provider by claiming financial hardship.
  7. Talk to a financial counsellor or calling the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 (free).


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